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Increase your audience

We all love growing our audience, and with your stats tool you can track the growth of new listeners.  We also love TuneIn with its over 50M users worldwide. TuneIn is one of the leading web portals and mobile apps for radio aggregation. 

  At Radionomy, we already list your station on TuneIn when you become a Premium station (over 130 listening hours a day), but you can make it happen even faster if you add your station to the TuneIn directory yourself.  

Go to TuneIn for Broadcasters, search for your station (which you won't find of course), and then see the submission form that results from your search. They will be asking for your stream URL, which is the long web address ending in .m3u on your station page.  Be sure to let us know when you've added your station, so we can connect your meta data to the stream. Send an email to after submission, with the link of your station on TuneIn

You can also engage with your audience via social media by creating a Facebook page and linking your station's player (see your 'share' tab) in your news and profile pages. Also think about adding a Twitter account so you can feature announcements, pictures, or even videos of your studio.  Use resources like to shorten the link to your website or player. 

 We also love the blogosphere. Check out and start blogging about your station. is becoming the fasting growing blogging site online.  Here's one we posted recently:  Note: you'll need a Twitter account to publish on Medium, but anyone can read your posts once published. 

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