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Program Director Initiatives

As the Producer of your radio station you have now also taken on the role of Program Director.   Here is a list of duties that fall under this role.  Do you have any more you think are important?  Please share in the comments below.  There is no 100% correct answer but certainly there are many we can all agree on.


1. Do your market research.  Make sure you create a station that fills a need and will find a market.


2. Playlist.  Your playlist is crucial.  Make sure you are constantly tweaking your music and taking your listeners’ reactions in to account as you program your station.


3. Optimize your station imaging. You want to include your positioning statement in (many of) your jingles, sweepers and promos, provided that it’s short and catchy enough.  Make listeners remember your station. 


4. Know things beyond radio.  By this, I mean you need to know what is going on in the world around you to make you a better programmer.  If you know a holiday is coming – say 4th of July – you can certainly create some programming elements around the holiday to keep your station current and relevant.


5. Maintain your consistency.  Of course we don’t encourage anyone to remain stale and do the same thing over.  In fact we love innovation and new things here at Radionomy.  That said, it is important that your Programming stays true to your vision and in that way stays current.


These are certainly just a few of many Program Director Initiatives.  We love to hear feedback from Producers so please let us know what you think about those listed above and give some to add in the comments below.

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