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You have created a radio station - now what?

So you have created a radio station using Radionomy and are on your way to becoming to the next big radio star.  But with fierce competition from broadcasters across multiple platforms how will your station stand out from the rest?  Remember these few tips to make sure you are getting you station heard from as many people as possible. 

1 – Make your station available on as many platforms as possible.  In addition to posting your station to the Radionomy website, we encourage producers to make their stations available through as many outlets as possible.  You can research various internet radio directories online as they change all the time.  The more ways people can access your radio station the better.


2 – Self Promotion is critical.  Of course you can post your station on Radionomy, sit back and do nothing else and hope the proverbial bees will swarm the hive.  However, we suggest adding some honey to get more bees.  A good mix of social media will add to your listening base.  Start a Facebook page for your station and use it for engagement.  Don’t just post telling readers to tune in, but actively engage them so they build an interest in your product and become an active listener.  Twitter is good too, as with Facebook you can promote and engage your listening base thus garnering more ears.  The beautiful thing with both Facebook and Twitter is you can schedule your posts in advance so you don’t have to continually posts all day.


3 – Create your own website.  Again, this is just another means to pushing your station out to the masses.  Now don’t worry, this doesn’t require you to know the ins and outs of website coding – we are Producers after all!  You need to purchase your own url then we recommend finding a template online.  A Wordpress or Squarespace template is a good place to start.  All options can be found online.  Since you are using a template it is turnkey in creating your own station website.  Once done you can also use the website to promote your station.


Of course this list can go on and on but we wanted to get some basics out of the way that can contribute to your success.  The three tips above are just the beginning of expanding your station.  Once you have these mastered you can go on to promote your station in more ways.  Good luck!   

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