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A Plan For The New Year

Each new year brings new resolutions. It's a tradition we all partake in. Some decide to quit smoking or stop drinking coffee.  Others decide to join the gym and lose 20 pounds.  For broadcasters our resolutions many times include a commitment to make our radio stations better than ever before.  By devoting ourselves to a few simple tasks we have the ability to take our radio platforms to the next level, reach more listeners and increase our total listening hours all while having fun.  


With that in mind we have put together the following list of simple yet effective ways to improve your radio station in the new year.  


Imagine special programming for a music festival or concert

There are so many concerts and music festivals coming up in 2016, particularly in the Summer months, this is the perfect time to capitalize on these with special programming.  If you do only one special broadcast in the year it may be that day. You could broadcast live from a concert, create a special playlist or create an entire radio station in support of the event. The more you think about it the more time you have to decide and refine what you can do.  Start thinking now so you are prepared when the big day gets here.


Interact with 24 figures to maximize your impact through Twitter

To see an increase in number of Twitter followers (and thus ultimately the number of listeners), nothing beats a retweet or engagement of a celebrity, opinion leader or someone with a large following.  Whether they retweet or not is not the point – by simply engaging you will become known to their followers for simply communicating with them.  24 personalities, that's two a month, which is plausible. Just make a list!


Make a post a day on Facebook

Facebook can become an effective marketing tool for your radio station, but that is dependent on your station page being updated regularly.  As a starting point we recommend you post daily, 1 time per day, Monday through Friday. It is not very demanding, and then it is possible to schedule your posts for the whole week in advance so you can get do a week’s worth of work in one sitting.


Adjust your playlist

A smooth, gradual change in your music programming is always preferable to an abrupt, radical switch.  Choose to do things slowly. Add/remove five titles a week, it hardly takes time, it remains playful and is tenable throughout the year. This is the ideal method to update your playlist as you do not run the risk of offending your listeners’ sensibilities if you were to do something drastic.


Listen regularly to YOUR OWN station

It's an easy resolution to apply. Listening to your own radio station may seem obvious yet some still do not do it! By listening you can be the first listener to detect small abnormalities in the station in terms of programming and correct it. These may include a promo that is too low in volume, a jingle that is too long, an outdated intro, etc.  In order to develop your radio, you must listen!


Let people know about your station

When we created a radio station many times we did this out of a personal love and something for ourselves.  Internet radio, for many producers, is a passion that they do not always share. And yet it would benefit most radio station producers to talk to their friends and tell them about their product.  Friends are many times our biggest cheerleaders and best public relations tools. Speak up in 2016!


Have fun and have fun!

This really is the easiest resolution to hold but you must never forget. Do I really need to say more?  Sometimes things can get frustrating and we want to pull our hair out but at the end of the day radio should be fun.  Find the humor in even the worst situation and by all means remember to have fun.  It is a principle that must never be forgotten.

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